Complex Component Assembly

Specialized component assembly for the aerospace industry

High-quality assembled parts delivered on-time regardless of supply chain complexity

It goes beyond assembly; our ability to deliver quality products on-time relies heavily on our focus of consistent communication with our clients and suppliers. We can coordinate with complex supply chains, ensuring we consistently meet deadlines without ever sacrificing our high standards.

We provide both manual and automated assembly for complex parts and components, including third party components. Some of our processes include: 

Shrink fit bushing installation with liquid nitrogen

Swage installation of bearings 

Fay sealing of two metal components 

Permanent shank fastener installation 

Rivet installation

Bolt and nut installation

Fillet sealing of bushings in landing gear

Assembly Capabilities

We assemble small, medium, and large parts

and we perform multistage assemblies

We have assemblies in the following materials:

Aluminum (soft), Steel (hard), Titanium (hard)

We use the latest innovative technology

for the shrink fit installation of bushings

Assembly Product

Main landing gear

Nose landing gear 

Side landing gear 

Main landing gear bean outboard support 


Alatus Aerosystems carries a history spanning over 50 years of reliable quality, excellent service delivery, and trust from the most demanding partners in the industry. We are an integration partner with experience, stability, and unique technology. We have worldwide presence and we are continuously optimizing our processes, standards, and capabilities.  

Assembled parts,
on-time, every time.

Climb higher. Integrate better.

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