Alatus Executive Team Message: Economic Success in the Post-COVID-19 Era

The aerospace industry, like the global economy, is facing unparalleled challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It undeniably has, and will continue, to change our business for years to come.

The current situation continues to test the industry’s philosophies and best practices. At Alatus Aerosystems, we value the proactivity and excellent industry knowledge and resources offered by our employees, customers, suppliers, networks and governments around the world.

The fortitude and adaptability of the Alatus organization has empowered us to analyze and optimize our internal strategy, production and processes. Despite consolidating some manufacturing facilities, Alatus Aerosystems is emerging from this pandemic stronger, more competitive and better than ever.

We are actively adapting production and working on operational and risk mitigation measures to flourish in this new reality. Production streamlining efforts and best-cost country strategy have enabled:

  • Less lead time
  • Lower cost
  • Higher quality

We are in constant communication with our customers, suppliers, community partners and government officials to ensure:

  • Employees are safe, championed and supported
  • Streamlined processes and on-time delivery
  • Stakeholder expectations are exceeded

As the world begins to recover from these tragic uncertain times – some businesses will inevitably, and unfortunately, falter. However, we can assure Alatus Aerosystems continues to be stable, focused and agile. Challenging times are ahead for all, but together we can create value and secure long-term economic success.

Executive Team, 

Alatus Aerosystems

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A message from our Executive Team regarding COVID-19