Community &
Social Impact

At Alatus Aerosystems we are lucky and grateful to have the global success our company has achieved, which is why believe it is our responsibly to give back to the community that helped put us where we are

Giving Back 

We are always looking for new ways to give back, work with charities, and help foundations that benefit our communities with opportunities for those less privileged. Being able to give back gives us purpose and motivation.

Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that diversity makes us stronger, which is why we embrace people from many different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles as part of the Alatus Aerosystems family. 

We believe inclusion is how we build a more unified, fair, and balanced workforce, which is why we stand firmly against discrimination of any sort.   

Sustainability in the Supply Chain 

Both our planet and our communities deserve a cleaner and healthier environment if we want to see a brighter future. This is why we are in a constant effort to understand our environmental footprint and build a more sustainable supply chain.

Technology helps us integrate better.
People help us climb higher.

Climb higher. Integrate better.

A message from our Executive Team regarding COVID-19